F.A.Q. about Porto forward® > A movement to promote Porto e Norte

> A project by Heartspitality® > Created by

> Activated by MojoBrands® > Website by Pixel22

> Porto forward® > in the press

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> How to participate?

Ambassador > Anyone willing to promote Porto e Norte, adding his personal view:

- Spreading this movement amongst its contacts

- Recruiting tourists and visitors

(tasks that we will try to help by supplying tools like claims, messages in Portuguese/English/Spanish; photos; videos, etc)

Generator > Organizers of activities in Porto e Norte (we provide the cause and the means of promotion, stimulating the dynamics)

Partner > Financing

> What?

- Porto forward ® > is a movement = call to action

- It spreads online (website and social networks) and in street actions

-It's not about competing with tourism webs, it's about being preliminary to them: a virtual first touchpoint with Porto e Norte, by recommendation of its ambassadors

- It's not about competing with advertising campaigns, it's about being the next step: stimulating people to act, promoting or booking their trip

> How?

We will attract tourists and visitors to Porto e Norte with a city break proposal:

- taking advantage of the long weekend (June 23rd to 26th) coincidentally a bank holiday in both Portugal and Spain

- The driver being the biggest party of the year: São João

- Creating a viral movement

- Promoting/motivating the action

> When?

- focus: June 23rd to 26th, a long weekend and São João

- aspiring to become perennial, changing image and tone of voice along the year, always aiming to attract people to Porto e Norte

> Main catalysts?

- Porto e Norte: a love brand that all want to promote

- Ambassadors: their good will and personal point of view

- Source of information: concentrated promotional efforts

- Coordination: focused management of viral marketing

> With which purposes?

Main purposes

1 - To attract people to Porto e Norte in June, for São João

2 - "To facilitate" activities for that period, that show the potential of the region on all it's levels

Secondary purposes

3 - Promote Porto e Norte as city breaks destinations for the entire year

4 - To implement a virtual starting point: a source of information that aggregates and serves as a first touchpoint with Porto e Norte

> Which are the main targets?

- Portugal and Spain

- Any city at 4hour flight distance

> Why?

- Tourism and destinations: we know how to bewitch with good advertising campaigns and gorgeous videos. But we fail in having concrete actions.

- There is a need for a call to action

> In summary, Porto forward® > is

A call to action (with a simple mechanic)

> An unified message (coordination)

> A source of information (focus)

> Incentives the action (call to action):

- to disseminate this movement (forward)

- to book a trip (decision)